Benefits of Group Counseling

February 27, 2023
group counseling

Do You Need Group Counseling?

Addiction is a complex disease, and successfully learning to manage it requires a combination of approaches. Group therapy can be a valuable part of your journey, but you may be nervous or uncertain if you’ve never participated in this type of treatment before. Here are the top five benefits of group counseling.

1. A Supportive Environment

Public speaking is one of the most widespread phobias. If you feel apprehensive about discussing your thoughts and feelings in a room full of people, remember that the other members have been through many of the same experiences as you have, and are there for similar reasons. You may be uncomfortable speaking up in the first couple of sessions, but the support and camaraderie should eventually help you relax. 

2. Confidentiality

It’s entirely up to you what you share and when you do so. Nobody will pressure you into revealing details you’d rather hold close to yourself. By listening to what the other members choose to convey, you can choose what you prefer to keep confidential. As you become more involved, you’ll see a correspondingly bigger benefit.

3. A Sounding Board

Group and individual therapy work together to help you uncover the underlying causes of your addiction and prevent a relapse. One unique benefit of group therapy is that it gives you a built-in peer group of people who will provide their honest feedback. This phenomenon is rare outside a therapeutic setting, even among friends and family who have your best interests at heart. 

4. Compassion

Worries that the other group members will judge or belittle you are unfounded. Group facilitators have specific training in how to lead safe, judgment-free meetings that encourage all members to grow and thrive. As you build a foundation of trust with your fellow members, you’ll feel more comfortable among them.

5. Common Ground

Regardless of how understanding and caring your loved ones are, you may not feel comfortable talking to them about everything. For example, you might bite your tongue instead of expressing complex emotions such as grief, anger or guilt because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. By the same token, your friends’ and family’s opinions may be less constructive when you need extra encouragement to help you get past an obstacle. Since the people in your 12-step recovery group will all be working toward a shared goal of lasting sobriety, you’ll have more understanding and the ability to express yourself.

Accessible, Affordable Outpatient Recovery

At Cumberland Heights, we designed our accredited Chattanooga outpatient program for people who need flexible substance use disorder treatment. With our in-person and telehealth options, you can pursue your recovery without missing out on any of life’s important responsibilities. Our multifaceted approach includes individual and group counseling, experiential learning and family therapy. We also have the tools to provide psychological assessments and evidence-based treatments for co-occurring mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Whether you have recently developed a chemical dependency or have struggled with the disease of addiction for years, our expert clinicians have the answers you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and verify your health insurance coverage.

Take the first step in a life free from addiction. Begin your recovery today.

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